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Mika Iwakura


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Hair Color


Eye Color



Yasuo Iwakura(Father)

Miho Iwakura(Mother)

Lain Iwakura(Younger Sister)




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No information

Voice Actor

Ayako Kawasumi (Japanese) Patricia Ja Lee (English)

She is the older sister of Lain. At first she dosn't seem to mind her family away from home, and spent all day talking with them. After a while she seems to care and show more interest. In the course of the story she loses her sanity.

Appearance: Edit

She is a sixteen year old student wearing her brown hair loose outside the school and brought home. Occasionally wearing her school uniform and other varies with their casual clothes.

Character: Edit

She's a normal, empathic and somewhat rude girl with her younger sister. She is often disrespectful to her parents, likes to have fun and hang out with her ​​friends at Cyberia.

History: Edit

She is a normal girl who likes hanging out with his friends, but slowly noticing that her little sister is obsessed with computers so much that she can even hack almost anything related to computers and electricity. Various events like when she mysteriously got locked in a bathroom with light off and written many times on the door "fulfills the prophecy" they took their mental health.

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